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Masks Unlimited was started by Lovina Srivastava, sensing a growing need for homemade cotton masks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a shortage of medical masks.
A hi-tech entrepreneur, Lovina is a passionate social and political activist. Over the years, she has founded and led numerous professional, social, and artistic initiatives in a non-profit capacity. At home, she finds encouragement and support for her initiatives from her husband, Vijay and two teenage children, Nikhil and Kavya.

Passion to Action

Masks Unlimited got started as a one-person effort in mid-March with an objective to serve front liners in the local Barrhaven community. Upon sensing the huge gap between supply and demand, Lovina reached out to build a team of volunteers who had sewing skills but were missing at least one piece of the puzzle (material, know-how, tools) to get going with making masks. In a short period of time, the team grew to a 40+ member team of volunteers. Our volunteers got enabled and empowered by coming together (virtually 😊) under Lovina’s leadership.